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Axis Preset

/// EDIT ///
Version 1.1
- New version available with some minors tweaks and better color preset.
- Add an Axis preset. To use it, open the repertory /AxisPreset/ and erase the SIsPiz_Settings.h with it
- More screenshots.

Hello everyone,
I made a little mod to enhanced SI, i just tweak the FXAA Injector from others games like Skyrim and GTA4.
This mod will add Some FXAA (AntiAliasing method) to SI and some color correction for SI.

sPiz Enhanced SI v1.1
- REALLY IMPORTANT : you must not touch the "Global Quality" leave it to "Good" or the mod will not work !
( you can edit the config.xml and find "<entry key="GlobalQuality" value="3" />" and leave it to 3
- You will lose your resolution setting,quality preset and shortcut if you dont copy your config.xml
- One Solution is to copy "config.xml" from the root folder in %root%/data/ before launching the game !

1. Extract/copy all the files in this zip/folder into the %root%/data of your Stellar Impact install.
2. Run StellarImpact.exe in /data/, if the launcher starts the game (si.exe), the filters might cause it to crash.
3. Use the Pause key (beside the Scroll Lock key) to turn the effects On/Off.
4. You can Edit SIsPiz_Settings.h to change everything you want with a notepad.

And you can modified the mod at your choice and share some preset.
Maybe a preset for the Axis and Allies color schemes.

Hope you like it !

you can download it here :

here is a collection of screenshot after/before
Screenshot here

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